New sales pipeline dashboard

Sales pipeline
View the progress of all active care enquiries using the new sales pipeline dashboard.

We recently launched a new sales pipeline dashboard allowing you to view the progress of all active care enquiries in one place.

Ensuring a timely response to care enquiries not only initially but also throughout the sales process is a key conversion rate factor. Earlier this month TrustedCare published an article containing insights on the average time it takes care enquiries to place which concluded that only 4% of care enquiries older than 10 weeks go on to convert.

The sales pipeline report shows all your active care enquiries sorted into columns based on their current stage, making it easy to review the progress of care enquiries through the sales process and identify overdue actions that are holding things up.

The sales pipeline can be filtered by funding type and duration of care (respite vs permanent), allowing you to target and prioritise specific opportunities such as private respite care.

How to access the sales pipeline dashboard

To view the sales pipeline dashboard go to Reports from the main navigation and look under Sales reports. To make this one of your standard dashboards simply mark it as a favourite report.