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Sales is the core of what we do, CareHQ introduces a range of tools to support your homes in converting more care enquiries.

Sales pipeline
  • Smart workflows

    Increase conversions with workflows to help you stay on top of care enquiries.

  • Actions & reminders

    CareHQ sets key actions and reminders to help you deliver the best sales experience.

  • Track interactions

    See if a care seeker received their visit confirmation or downloaded a brochure.

Smart workflows

Increase conversions by staying on top of care enquiries. CareHQ workflows are designed to ensure you always know where you are in the sales process and what the next step is.

  • Help your team stay on track with simple to follow workflows aligned to the actual sales process for a UK care admission
  • Reduce no shows with automatic confirmation emails and SMS reminders to care seekers for key stages such as home visits and care assessments
Assessment details

Stay organised with actions & reminders

The truth is busy care home teams often forget to follow up or progress new care enquiries, it's one of the most common reasons for lost sales and the most under reported. CareHQ helps solve this problem by automatically setting actions and reminders for you, taking the hassle out of staying organised.

  • Actions and reminders are automatically set for key events throughout the sales process
  • Easily create additional actions and reminders for yourself or others
  • Set multiple reminders for an action. For example; CareHQ will send an email the morning of a home visit and an SMS or WhatsApp message an hour before
Action cards

Track interactions

CareHQ sends branded emails and SMS messages to care seekers for key events such as home visits and assessments and you can also use CareHQ to send messages (including literature) direct to care seekers. Each message is tracked to ensure it was delivered and see if any attachments have been viewed.

  • Track emails and SMS messages sent to care seekers, including their delivery status (allowing you to spot any issues early)
  • Attach literature to any email you send and see if a care seeker views it
  • View replies to emails and SMS messages from CareHQ against the care enquiry as well as in your inbox
Track interactions

Present better

Make a great first impression with professionally designed and branded emails that look great on mobile, tablet or desktop.

  • Emails and PDFs sent from CareHQ are professionally designed and branded
  • Change anything. We can fully customise the content and/or design of any automated email, SMS or PDF to meet your requirements
  • Multiple brands can be managed under a single account
  • Smart message templates save time and eliminate errors when sending common emails and text messages.
Branded emails

Do more with CareHQ integrations

We understand we can't do it all (at least not yet) but that doesn't mean your options are limited. We offer a growing number of service integrations out of the box and our API means CareHQ can be integrated to any application.

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