Manage and grow your care home business

CareHQ is a CRM built for UK care providers which simplifies the everyday tasks of running a care home and helps you generate more sales.

CareHQ is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed from the ground up for the UK care market that will help you transform your business through better tools, insights, workflows and automation.

  • Grow your business
    Sales is the core of what we do, CareHQ introduces a range of tools to support your homes in converting more care enquiries.
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  • Manage your residents
    Stay on top of everyday tasks for your residents with tools built for managing admissions, paperwork, expenses and contacts.
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  • Simplify billing & expenses
    Automate invoice runs, get notified of billing discrepancies before the next invoice date and manage petty cash and resident ledgers.
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  • Use data to make decisions
    With CareHQ you get access to an array of reports focused on metrics that matter to care providers helping you make better decisions.
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  • Set up, training and support
    We take the hassle out of set up, train your team on-site and assist them thereafter with access to our support team and online resources.
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  • Security & availability
    The security and availability of your data is paramount. We have an extensive list of measures in place to ensure data security and service continuity.
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Add the ability to flag a resident's funding as at risk triggering an email to alert relevant users. Add a report to show the number of residents with funding at risk.
Introduce a report showing currently unallocated funds by age and billing party.
Add a preferred name field for service users to ensure both a legal and preferred name are stored for each resident.
Add read endpoints to the API for change log entries (GET /read and GET /retrieve).
Allow location contacts such as councils and CCGs to be accessible to multiple locations.
Add an option to receive an email notification whenever you receive a reply to an email or SMS message you sent through CareHQ.
Add message inbox, sent and send failed features for account owners and regional managers.
Allow messages to be tagged and introduce a finance tag automatically applied to messages sent regarding invoicing and ledger balances.
Introduce an accruals report to show the underbilled and overbilled amounts for care on a given date.
Allow nominal codes to be set for expense categories so that when viewing or exporting expense ledgers each entry shows an assigned nominal code.
Add a user preference to be notified when a reply is received from a care seeker, service user or contact they have previously sent a message to.
Allow the tags assigned against location contacts to be preset at account level (optional).

Development driven by our users

Our workflow is simple; listen to user feedback, prioritise development around changes that will deliver the biggest impact, deliver on those changes as soon as possible - repeat.

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