Introducing smart message templates

An example of a message generated from a message template
Save time and ensure you send the perfect message with smart message templates.

Whether it's "Thank you for enquiring" or "We hope you enjoyed your stay" most of us have a common set of emails we send to contacts. Writing these emails from scratch or from a base template takes time and can lead to inconsistencies and errors.

CareHQ now supports smart Message templates that allow you to send personalised emails and text messages to care seekers, clients and location contacts without typing a word.

Creating message templates

To start using messages templates simply send us a Word document, PDF or existing email containing the content for each template you'd like to create. Within the document indicate any content you'd like to personalise, this can be anything from simply including the contacts name in your greeting (e.g. "Hi Jane,") to modifying the content of the message based on whether a care seeker is interested in respite or full-time care. You can also choose to attach documents to your emails, such as a brochure.

Once we receive your request we'll create the message template for you and send you a preview for each scenario in which the template can differ (e.g. respite vs permanent, private vs local authority funding, etc.). Once you sign-off on the templates we'll make them available to select when sending a message through CareHQ.

Each message template can be set as available for use when contacting one or more target audience:

  • Care seeker
  • Service user
  • Service user contact
  • Location contact

And whilst by default a message template is available to all locations it possible to restrict a template to a subset of locations.

Using message templates

Once a message template has been created you'll be able to use it to send a message. First find the contact you want to send a message to then...

  • Select the Comms tab
  • Select the Send message button
  • Select the email or mobile number you want to send a message to
  • Select the template you want to use from the Message template field
  • And click the Send button
Selecting a message template to send

If you'd like to start using message templates just speak to a member of the CareHQ support team.