Duplicate detection as you type

Eliminate duplicate care enquiries with real-time detection of duplicates as you type.

Adding duplicate data not only wastes time when adding a record but it also causes confusion down the line; wasting more time, reducing the quality of reports and potentially damaging the experience for a care seeker.

CareHQ solves this issue by alerting you about existing care enquiries that you might be duplicating in real-time. As you complete the care enquiry form we search existing care enquiries using data from completed fields and if a potential match is found we present it for review.

The matching algorithm is designed to return matches when as little as one or two fields are completed, but is smart enough to understand that in some scenarios, such as when the care seeker is a social worker, additional data should be present to perform a match (social workers and discharge teams commonly have more than one care enquiry open and so the algorithm will wait for data about the client to be completed before matching).

In some cases a record identified as a possible duplicate won't be one. Once alerted to a possible duplicate we provide links to review the care enquiry and the option to record that it is not a duplicate which will prevent the match being presented when updating the record in the future.

If you're interested in seeing it in action we've put together a short video guide on duplicate detection.