Feed leads from Autumna into CareHQ

CareHQ now supports integration with Autumna

If you run a care business then chances are you've heard of Autumna.co.uk. Autumna is a well known care home and service directory which also offers to help care seekers find the right care for their loved ones.

Many of our clients use Autumna.co.uk alongside other care directories as one of their marketing channels. Up until now leads received from Autumna had to be added to CareHQ manually as care enquiries, but as of today they can be automatically fed into CareHQ.

Autumna.co.uk has a read-only API which allows you to fetch any leads your service has received. To access Autumna's API you will need to request an API key from them. A paid listing on Autumna.co.uk is required to be allocated an API key.

To set up CareHQ to pull leads from Autumna automatically just speak to a member of the CareHQ support team who will update your account settings as required. There are no additional costs associated with setting up and running the Autumna integration.

We pull from Autumna on an hourly basis.