Use your data to make decisions

Explore the insightful reports and valuable forecasting tools available within CareHQ

We turn data into intelligence to enable you to make better business decisions. CareHQ provides a range of real-time reports on the performance of your care service.

All our reports are based on real-time data and are available to review at any time.


Sales cycle report

Our Sales cycle report provides a complete visual and statistical overview of your sales funnel.

The report documents the stages each enquiry passes through and what proportion of enquiries are lost at each stage, ultimately providing you with a conversion rate for the home or at home service.

We also provide key data on the time taken between critical steps. For care homes this includes the number of days on average from receiving an enquiry to the care seeker visiting, the number of days to assessment, and the number of days until an admission.

Understanding your sales cycle and funnel is a powerful way to optimise the performance of your service.

Acquisition report

The Acquisition report provides you with real-time data on the performance of individual marketing channels or groups, allowing you to see where your leads are coming from and which source results in the most conversions.

Channels can be compared side by side such as 'Own website' vs 'Google My Business', and the data can be filtered for specific enquiry types, for example to discover which channels provide the greatest number of self-funder referrals or respite enquiries.

The report is a powerful tool which can help marketeers to optimise their campaigns and minimise wasted advertising spend.

Closed reasons report

When an enquiry is closed in the system, the user has to state a reason why it has been closed. The Closed reasons report provides you with a clear visual representation of why enquiries have been closed.

You can filter the data and compare ranges such as Self-funder enquiries vs Local authority funded, or compare the performance of locations side by side.

As standard CareHQ includes a range of the most common reasons for closing an enquiry, but you are free to add as many more as you need.

Geography report

Our Geography report provides details of where your enquiries are coming from. We take the postcodes of each care seeker to create this interactive map, where the user can filter the data by funding type, care needs, period when care is required, and more.

A useful tool to measure the effectiveness of local advertising or targeted campaigns.

Client Geography report - Home care

The Client Geography report shows home care providers where their clients are located on the map. The report also displays the funding status of each client (Private, Local Authority, CHC, etc.) and the average distance from the office for clients of each funding type.

Clicking on any map marker takes you directly to the related client's profile within CareHQ.

Occupancy report - Care homes

CareHQ includes a booking facility which allows each client to be assigned their own room within the most suitable home. This enabled us to create a real-time occupancy report showing the past, current, and projected future occupancy based on bookings.

Users can compare individual homes or regions within a portfolio, and annotations can be added to the graphs to mark when key events have taken place at a home which might effect occupancy such as a new CQC report, a change of manager, or a refurbishment.

Weekly rate report - Care homes

The Weekly rate report provides the user with information about what average fees they are achieving for an individual home, care type, or region.

Target prices can be set against individual homes and even rooms. The system then reports what is actually being paid by the client currently occupying the room, and if this is above or below target.