Set-up, training and support

We're here to help with set-up, training, online guides, documentation, and ongoing support

CareHQ users are never left to wonder whether something is working properly, how to add information to the system, make a particular update, or where to get help.

We provide comprehensive assistance; from initial set-up to training, online resources, and long-term support.


We provide a range of support packages for CareHQ; someone will always be on hand to answer your questions or guide you through any task.

Each care provider using the system has their own dedicated Account Manager who knows their set up, understands their care service and is on hand to provide support whenever needed.

For care providers who require 24/7 support, we have a range of plans on offer with guaranteed response times and support team availability via phone or email any time of the day or night. Please contact us for further information on enhanced support packages.

Onsite set-up

To get the very best out of CareHQ and to ensure that your homes and home care services are set up correctly, we provide free onsite set-up for care providers who subscribe to the service for 12 months or more.

As CareHQ is a cloud-based system, it doesn't need to be installed on computers or laptops; the onsite visit is to ensure that every home/service using the system is correctly set up, all users and rooms have been added and training is provided to the Service Manager and their team.

For providers who do not wish to commit to a 12 month plan, we charge a one time onsite set-up fee; please visit our fees page for more information.


We have designed CareHQ to be completely intuitive, so it is not a complicated system to use. Even so, we know the importance of proper product training to ensure that you get the most out of the system.

We provide extensive product training delivered in person, via webinars, and through resource materials.

Our onsite set-up includes a training session delivered to Service Managers to ensure that they and their teams completely understand how to use CareHQ to manage care seeker referrals, clients, communications, and more.

Ongoing support can include refresher training sessions if required, or training for those who have new staff joining their business.


We have extensive documentation about the CareHQ system and how best to use it. You may visit the CareHQ User Guide here.

If you are a Developer or IT lead for a care provider and would like to discuss how CareHQ can be integrated with your network of tools, please contact us to discuss your requirements.