Improve productivity

Discover how CareHQ helps busy managers stay on top of care enquiries and increase occupancy

Time is always limited. We have developed a range of tools within the CareHQ platform which makes it easy to manage workload and stay on top of enquiries.



The dashboard, displayed first upon accessing CareHQ, provides the user with a clear list of all tasks (logged as actions) which need to be completed that day.

Every user has their own dashboard of tasks, and teams can easily see what other colleagues have to do.


Actions are our name for logged tasks. Their purpose is to tell the user what they need to do next in relation to any particular enquiry, client, or event.

Certain actions are created automatically by CareHQ. For example, if you add an email-based enquiry to the system and you haven't spoken to the care seeker yet, the system will set an action as a prompt to give them a call.

Actions can relate to almost anything including enquiries, clients listed on the system, or events. Any user can create and assign actions to their own dashboard or for others, and reminders can be set.


We know that running a care service is a demanding job and staff will not always be at their computers. This is why CareHQ can send reminders to notify users about upcoming events and actions which need to be completed.

For some events and actions such as a home visit or assessment, the system will automatically remind users that these tasks are coming up. Users can also set their own reminders for any task, or assign them to others.

The system can send reminders via SMS, Whatsapp, email or even a voice call ahead of the task's due date/time.


CareHQ features a calendar for each care home or service. Events such as home visits and assessments are automatically added, and all users at each location can see scheduled events on the calendar. To access full details or update an event, related enquiry or client, direct links are provided from each event within the calendar.

Users can also add extra events to the calendar or block out time for upcoming activities such as CQC inspections, open days, or training.

Head Office and Regional Manager users can see all events across the various location calendars.