Generate more care enquiries

With focused reporting CareHQ can help you optimise your marketing activity

CareHQ includes a suite of tools and reports designed to provide real-time insight into your marketing activities and enquiry channels, helping you to optimise your campaigns and generate more enquiries.


Channel reporting

CareHQ provides real-time reporting on the enquiry volumes received by individual locations, regions or entire portfolios. Users can interact with the reports to monitor individual channels and plot wider trends.

Understanding how care seekers are contacting your care services can help save money on unnecessary advertising and focus on what works well.

Compare channels side by side

It's simple to select channels and compare their results side by side. Perhaps you're running two different campaigns and want to see which is the most effective, or comparing two different advertising sources before renewing your agreements?

CareHQ makes it easy to see the effectiveness of different channels used by your care service.

Track channel conversion rates

CareHQ automatically updates conversion rates for individual channels and referrers as enquiry records flow through the system; tracking a conversion rate provides insights into what is working and what is not.

If one referrer has a low conversion rate but generates a high proportion of your enquiries, it could be that the messaging used by the referrer needs to be re-evaluated. Equally, if a referrer has a high conversion rate with your service, there might be an opportunity to do more with them - understanding channel conversion rates is critical.

Create and group channels

We understand that marketing professionals are constantly evolving and developing their campaigns. We make it easy to add and group additional channels.

By default, CareHQ includes a range of common channels:

  • Channels - Calls, Emails, Live Chat, Walk in, etc.
  • Groups - Local Advertising, Digital, Recommendations, Events, etc.
  • Referrers - Own Website, Google My Business,,, Social Worker, etc.

The reporting within CareHQ can easily be customised to your specific requirements.

Geographical enquiry reporting

Knowing where your enquiries are coming from is a powerful tool. Perhaps you have recently undertaken some local advertising? A leaflet door drop? Or even hosted an event?

Our Geography report provides real-time data on where your care seekers are contacting you from, helping you to establish whether your campaigns have been successful and where your local reputation is strongest.

Filter and compare data

Within every report on CareHQ the user has the ability to filter the data to specific areas of interest, including:

  • Funding Type - Self-funder, Local Authority, CHC or other
  • Duration - Respite or Permanent
  • Location - Individual locations, group or region within a portfolio
  • Date ranges - Specify date ranges or compare to previous period side by side (e.g. Jan 2019 to Jan 2020)

Send literature and track engagement

CareHQ features an inbuilt email client which allows you to easily send branded emails to prospect care seekers and influencers. It's easy to attach brochures and flyers for your service and view reports on who has opened or downloaded these documents, helping to identify those who are most interested in the service.

Integration with call monitoring

Increasingly, care providers are choosing to track calls into their services. CareHQ integrates with leading call tracking systems and provides real-time reporting on call volumes.

With certain call tracking services (such as CallReview) the system will automatically update care enquiry details to confirm the enquiry source.