Acquire more clients

CareHQ workflows for care enquiries can increase your conversion rate

CareHQ is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, allowing any member of your team to manage care enquiries effectively and maximise every opportunity.

Through workflows, prompts, actions and reminders, the next stage of the process is always clear.


Care enquiries

Whether you receive a phone call, email, live chat, or a walk in, it's easy to record and store enquiries on CareHQ. Our simple one page care enquiry form follows the natural flow of a new conversation with a care seeker, and allows all the important details to be recorded:

  • Care seeker - name, address, relationship to prospect client, telephone number(s), email.
  • Prospect - name, date of birth, care requirement details, location.
  • Care package - estimated start, duration, funding type, etc.
  • Marketing - channel, primary referrer, secondary referrer.

Our enquiry form includes a free text field in which full care requirement details can be added. Most data fields are optional, but can always be updated later. This can help to build up useful analytics based on enquiry data.

The whole form takes no longer than a couple of minutes to complete, and the system automatically records the date/time when it was added, and by which user.


We created workflows to guide users through the process of receiving a care enquiry and advancing a referral all the way to a conversion or admission.

Workflows allow users to easily understand what should be done next to advance any enquiry. As an enquiry is progressed through the stages, the system triggers a number of actions and steps for the user to take in order to maximise each opportunity.

Depending on the service you operate and the nature of the enquiry, workflows will adapt to the specifics of the referral. For example, residential and nursing homes will be reminded to arrange a visit to the home, while home care providers will be prompted to arrange a care consultation. CareHQ has been designed to adapt to your needs.

Workflows make it easy to manage enquiries. You do not need to be a sales professional to benefit from CareHQ.

Communication records

Every care enquiry has a comments log which can be used to store and share notes and details of conversations or meetings which have taken place. Key comments can be pinned to the care enquiry record so that they are clearly visible to other users.

A communications log for each enquiry allows emails or SMS text messages to be sent directly to the care seeker from CareHQ, and records the full history of communication that has been made.

The logs provide a useful reference for anyone assisting in the progression of an enquiry.

Communicate with prospects

Care seekers are increasingly choosing to engage via email and SMS; they can be useful tools if time is limited or a message needs to be conveyed sensitively without others overhearing.

CareHQ features an email client and messaging tool which can be used to send branded emails and SMS messages to care seekers or key contacts. Every message is stored as part of the 'Sent' logs for a complete audit trail of communications made with prospective care seekers.

Each service location has a central inbox, so that if a care seeker replies to an SMS message or email, all key users will be made aware.

Branded notifications

Whether booking a visit to your care home for a care seeker or arranging a home care consultation, it's important that messages are of a consistent high quality.

CareHQ can send branded, professional notifications directly to the care seeker, including:

  • Visit confirmation email
  • Visit reminder SMS
  • Assessment notification email
  • Assessment reminder SMS

A care seeker can easily reply to a message sent out by the system and any response will be automatically logged against their enquiry record.

Sales pipeline reporting

Our Sales cycle report provides a complete visual and statistical overview of your sales funnel.

The report documents the stages each enquiry progresses through and what proportion of enquiries are lost at each stage, ultimately providing you with a conversion rate for the home or at home service.

We also provide key data on the time which passes between critical steps. For care homes this includes the number of days on average from receiving an enquiry to the care seeker visiting, the number of days to assessment, and the number of days until an admission.

Understanding your sales cycle and funnel is a powerful way to optimise the performance of your service.