The Rooms listing displays all Rooms which are suitable for the accommodation of residents at the Location, whether they are currently occupied or available (Vacant).

The Status and Booking periods of all Rooms can be seen in a more visual format via the Room chart, but the Rooms listing allows full details of any Room to be viewed or updated.

The listing displays all Rooms by default, though the Search field and/or Filter can be used to narrow down the list if required.

For each Room, the Rooms listing displays:

  • the Name / No. of the Room
  • the Resident (the Service user currently occupying the Room, if any),
  • the type of care the Room is Suitable for (Residential, Nursing, Nursing Dementia),
  • and the Floor the Room is on.

Select any Room from the list to view Details for the Room.

Navigating the Rooms list

Up to 20 Rooms are displayed on a single page, so if there are more than this number the list will be made up of multiple pages. In that case the number of pages will be displayed at the bottom of the list, along with Next and/or Prev buttons to allow you to move forwards or backwards by one page at a time.

When viewing a long list, to avoid having to select Next or Prev repeatedly, enter a page number into the Jump to field to go directly to your chosen page.

Using the Search field with the Rooms list

At the bottom of the Rooms list the number of results (Rooms currently in the list) is displayed. The term results is used because the number isn’t just the total number of Rooms; the number in the list will vary depending on whether the Search field or Filter options have been used.

A word or words can be entered into the Search field to display any Rooms which include that word or words within the Name / No. of the Room.

Alternatively, a number can be entered into the Search field to return any Rooms which include that number within the Name / No. of the Room.

If the search results aren’t satisfactory then it may be necessary to also update the Filter options, as search results are a combination of Search and Filter.

Filter options for the Rooms list

Select the Filter button to open the related options, which can be used on their own or in combination with the Search field to narrow down search results as required.

The following filtering options are available:

  • Status: Any, Vacant, Occupied, Out of service (Only show Rooms with the selected Status)
  • Floor: Select to only show Rooms on the chosen Floor
  • Suitable for: Select to only show Rooms suitable for Residential, Residential dementia, Nursing, or Nursing dementia
  • Features: Select any feature tick box(es) to only show Rooms which have those features

After setting the chosen search filter options, the Update button will perform a new search of the Rooms listing using the selected options.

The Clear button can be used to reset all Filter options to their default settings (which will show the standard Rooms list once again).

Adding a new Room

Select the Add button at the top of the Rooms listing page to open the Add room form.


The page heading confirms the location the Room will be added to.

Complete the form to record the Room Name / No. and Floor, and tick the boxes to confirm the type of care the Room is Suitable for and its Features.

To finish, enter the standard Weekly and Daily rates for the Room. These will be presented to Users as a guide, though the exact rate can be set by the User when adding a new booking for a Room.

Select Save to record the Room details and return to the Rooms listing, or if you have mutiple Rooms to add, select Save & New to save the Room and automatically return to a new Add room form.

Viewing Room Details

The Details for a Room can be accessed by selecting a Room from the Rooms listing, or from various other places within CareHQ such as via the Room chart.

Details is the first of three tabbed pages for a Room, and displays most of the important information about the Room.

The other tabbed pages for a Room are:

  • Bookings
  • Change log

If the Room currently has a Service user occupant, this will be clearly displayed in a large banner area near the top of the page.

As well as the name of the Service user, the banner area will also list the Start date and any End date for the related Booking, whether the Service user required Check in/out on the same dates (whether to show these events on the Calendar) and the weekly or daily Rate of the Booking.

For an Occupied Room, the green banner will also provide the following options:

  • View service user: Go to the Service user Details for the Room occupant.
  • Update: Update the current Booking for the Room.
  • Cancel: Cancel the current Booking for the Room.

Below the Occupied banner area (or without it for a Vacant Room) are the Room Details such as Name / No, along with Specifications, and Rates.

Updating Room Details

From the Details page for a Room, select Update (not to be confused with the Update Booking option if the Room is Occupied) to visit the Update room form.

Change any Details about the Room, in the same way as when the Room was first added, then select Save to record the changes and return to the Room Details page.

Deleting a Room

From the Details page for a Room, select Delete, and then Confirm delete on the next page, to delete the Room altogether.


The Delete option will only be available to select if the Room is currently Vacant.


Bookings is the second tabbed page for a Room, and displays any current, future, or past Bookings for the related Room.

A Booking is a record of a booked period of care for a Service user staying in a particular Room (if the service is a residential/nursing home), and the associated weekly or daily Rate.

A Booking can also indicate an Out of service Room, or a Block contract Booking by the NHS.

A Booking will always have Start date, and may have an End date, or be Ongoing (no End date set).

The Bookings list also displays the Type (of Booking) and Rate for each Booking.

The listing displays all Bookings related to the Room in date order by Start date, with the most recent at the top. Select the Start date column heading to reverse the order, or select the heading again to return to the default date order.

Booking Types

The first column of the Bookings list indicates the Type of each Booking. There are three possible Types of Booking:

  • Service user: The most common type of Booking; allocating the Room to an occupying Service user while they receive care.
  • Out of service: Indicates the Room is unavailable for the period of the Booking, for example while work is being done on the Room.
  • Block contract: A Booking of the Room for a block of time to make it available for emergency placements from the NHS.

Filtering the Bookings list

By default the list displays Bookings which are current or in the future, as confirmed in the When selector.

Select When to choose another option and update the Bookings list accordingly.

The following options are available:

  • All time: Show all Bookings for the Room
  • Current and future: Show all Bookings except those in the past
  • Past: Only show past bookings

Booking a Room as Out of service

If a Room will be unavailable for occupation for a period of time as a result of work being done or any other reason, it can be booked as Out of service for as long as necessary.

Select Out of service from the Bookings page for the Room.

Enter a Start date for the Out of service Booking by selecting the field and choosing a date from the pop-up calendar.

If the Room will be out of service for a known length of time, the End date field can be updated to the appropriate date, or left empty to record the Booking as Ongoing.

Enter a Reason for being out of service if you wish (this field is optional) before selecting Book to record the Booking and return to the Bookings listing for the Room.

The new Booking will appear on the Room chart as well as under Bookings for the Room.

Adding a Block contract Booking

The NHS sometimes books blocks of time for particular rooms so that they’re available for emergency placements (Block contracts).

From the Bookings page for the Room, Select Block contract to add a new Block contract Booking.

Enter a Start date for the Block contract Booking by selecting the field and choosing a date from the pop-up calendar.

If the Block contract Booking will be for a known length of time, the End date field can be updated to the appropriate date, or left empty to record the Booking as Ongoing.

For the Contract rate, select whether the Period will be Daily or Weekly, and then enter the Rate.

Select Book to record the Booking and return to the Bookings listing for the Room.

Once confirmed, the new Block contract Booking will appear on the Room chart and the Bookings list for the chosen Room.

Updating a Booking

Select any Booking from the Bookings list for a Service user to update any detail of the Booking.

The Update booking form is very similar to the Booking a service user into a room step of Admitting a new Service user, so see that part of the guide to read more.

When updating a Service user Booking, a potential difference compared to when booking a Room initially is that if an End date is set and the Checking out box is ticked, then the Reason for checking out and Checkout notes fields will be displayed. These fields allow checkout-related details to be recorded should a Booking End date need to be brought forward, or simply at the end of a Booking period.

Change log

The Change log is the last of the tabbed pages for a Room. It displays a record of update Types along with Dates and Times when changes were made to the Room record, and which User made each change.

If available, Details of exactly what was changed will also be listed in each case.