Literature is a listing of all Literature items (PDF documents are recommended) which have been uploaded to CareHQ for the care Location.

The Literature list acts as an easily maintained central library, and allows Literature items to be made available to Care seekers or Service user Contacts via CareHQ, attached to Email messages.


Account owners or Regional managers with access to more than one Location can manage a separate Literature listing for each Location. Account owners also have access to a Literature list for items available to the service across all Locations.

The listing displays all Literature items with a Status of Active by default, though the Status and/or Search field can be used to narrow down the list if required.

For each Literature item, the Literature listing displays:

  • the Name of the Literature item
  • the Ref. (Reference number – automatically allocated by CareHQ)

Ordering the Literature list

By default, the Literature list is ordered alphabetically according to the Name of each Literature item.

You can reverse the order of the list by selecting the Name column heading, so that the small arrow points down instead of up. The list will then appear in reverse alphabetical order by the Name of each Literature item.

Select the same heading again to return the list to standard alphabetical order.

Navigating the Literature list

Up to 20 Literature items are displayed on a single page, so if there are more than this number the list will be made up of multiple pages. In that case the number of pages will be displayed at the bottom of the list, along with Next and/or Prev buttons to allow you to move forwards or backwards by one page at a time.

When viewing a long list, to avoid having to select Next or Prev repeatedly, enter a page number into the Jump to field to go directly to your chosen page.

Using Status to update the Literature list

By default only Literature items with a Status of Active (available to send to Care seekers) are displayed.

Other Literature items can be displayed by changing the Status drop-down menu and then selecting the Search (magnifying glass) button:

  • Archived: only show Literature items which have been archived (hidden from normal view so that they’re not available to send to Care seekers)
  • Any: show all Literature items related to this Location, no matter what their Status

Using the Search field with the Literature list

At the bottom of the Literature list the number of results (Literature items currently in the list) is displayed. The term results is used because the number isn’t just the total number of items; the number in the list will vary depending on whether the Search field or Status options have been used.

A word or words can be entered into the Search field to display any Literature items which include that word or words within the Name of the item.

Adding an item of literature

To add a new Literature item to a Location, select Add from the Literature listing page for the appropriate Location.

The Add an item of literature form will be displayed.

Enter the Name of the document, then use Select file to find the document on your computer/device and upload.

We recommend that PDF files are uploaded as these can be viewed online or on any device.

If possible, it’s also best to optimise the file size of any PDF document before uploading, so that it doesn’t take too long to download for any Care seeker recipient.

Select Save to store the new Literature item. The View page for the Literature item will be displayed.

Viewing a Literature item

Select any item from the Literature list to view further details.

The View page also allows you to Update the item, or Delete the item if it has been archived.

The main focus of the Literature item View page is the Sends vs. Downloads graph which plots the number of times the item has been sent to Care seekers alongside the number of downloads in the last 28 days.

Below the graph is the same data in the form of statistics. Other details of the Item and File follow.

Select the Location name to view more details about the related Location, or select the File name to view/download a copy of the Literature item file.

Updating a Literature item

From the View page for a Literature item, select Update to go to the Update item form.

The form contains the same fields as the Add form, other than the Archived tick box; tick this box and Save to change the Status of the Literature item to Archived.

Archived Literature items remain stored on CareHQ but are not made available to attach to Email messages for Care seekers to download.

Deleting a Literature item

If a Literature item is out of date or not currently needed, we suggest updating it (see above) and setting the Status to Archived so that the item can no longer be sent to Care seekers.

If the item is definitely not wanted and will not be needed again in future, it can be deleted from CareHQ altogether by viewing the Literature item and then selecting Delete. A further page will be displayed asking for you to Confirm delete to make sure you wish to delete the item.

Please note that the action of deleting cannot be undone.


The Delete option is only available if the Literature item has been Archived.