The Contacts page, within the Operations section, allows the details of important Contacts for the care Location to be stored in an easily referenced format.

The page can be used to list the contact details, address, and notes for any organisation or supplier business (Contact) which needs to be regularly contacted by the care Location, so that they’re always available when necessary.

The details of each Contact appear in card format and (if recorded) the following details may be displayed:

  • Company name
  • Tags to help categorise and easily identify the Contact, such as Dentist or Caterer
  • Name of primary contact
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Website address (select to visit)
  • Postal address (select the arrow icon to view)
  • Notes (select the arrow icon to view)

Searching Contacts

A word or words can be entered to display any Contacts which include that word or words within the text for the Contact (Company name or Primary contact).

If the search results aren’t satisfactory then it may be necessary to also update the Filter, as search results are a combination of Search and Filter.

Filtering Contacts

The Filter button can be selected to open the Tags field, which can be used on its own or in combination with the Search field to narrow down search results as required.

Select the Tags field and any Tags which have been added to one or more Contacts will be presented below the field. Select a Tag to add it to the Filter. Select the Tags field again in the same way to add another Tag if you wish.

After setting the chosen Tags within the Filter, the Update button will filter the Contacts to show businesses related to any selected Tags.

The Clear button can be used to reset the Filter, clearing any Tags set and refreshing the Contacts to show the default selection (all Contacts).

Options for a Contact

Select the three dots from the top right corner of any Contact card to view the available options:

  • Update: Update the details of the Contact, with the same fields as the Add form.
  • Delete: Delete the Contact, after confirming. Note that this cannot be undone.

Adding a new Contact

To add a new Contact for the location, select Add from the Contacts page.

The Add contact form will confirm the name of the Location in the heading.

Enter the Company name and all other known details. Most fields are optional, so there is no need to worry about filling in any information which isn’t available at the current time.

For the Postal address, enter a Postcode and then select the Find address button. A list of addresses will be displayed for the postcode, from which the correct address can be selected.

Alternatively, select the Enter manually button to enter the address by hand.

Select the Same as the postal address tick box if the Street address (geographical address) matches the Postal address, or otherwise un-tick the box and enter the Street address separately.

If you wish to enter one or more terms to describe the Contact in the Tags field, type a word and press Enter to add it. You can add more Tags in the same way, and each will appear below the field.

Remember that Tags are used with the Filter on the Contacts page to easily find the details of specific businesses related to the selected Tag or Tags.

To remove a Tag, select the x (close) icon next to the word.

Select Save to record the details as a new Contact.