Introducing CareHQ

CareHQ is a Care Management System, which is a specialised CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application designed for care providers.

The CareHQ Sales Cycle Report

CareHQ gives those managing or working within care providers the tools, information, and reporting they need to allow for efficient everyday operations and effective planning, helping to ensure a shared focus on providing an optimum care service.

CareHQ stores information securely online, therefore users can access CareHQ from any computer or device which is connected to the internet and no software needs to be installed.

Each individual with a need to access the CareHQ application should have their own user account and password, for security and to allow the activity of each user to be assisted and recorded appropriately.

Every user account will have a role which determines what the individual can see and do; the menus and options presented on CareHQ depend upon the role of the user viewing the application.


Because CareHQ presents different menus and options to users based on the role set for their account, there may be sections listed in this guide which you do not have access to in the application. If you feel you need access to something which is currently not available to you, contact the manager or administrator who provided you with your account. They should be able to to update your account role if appropriate.

A little about selecting

As you read on, descriptions will often refer to selecting something.

This generic term was chosen as a result of the different ways CareHQ can be accessed; via a desktop/laptop computer with a mouse and keyboard, or on a tablet/smartphone with a touchscreen.

Therefore the word select can be taken to mean click by those using a desktop/laptop computer, or tap if using a tablet/smartphone.

An important term

Throughout this guide, the term Service user is used to describe those receiving (or looking to receive) care, and any elements of CareHQ which refer to individuals within that group.

Please keep in mind that another term (such as Client) may be used in place of Service user on your CareHQ system, as this term is configurable per organisation, to match the preferred language of the service.


You can easily check which term is used for your service by looking at the menu item below Care enquiries within the Operations section, or by viewing a Care enquiry and checking the heading just above Care requirements.

About the writing style of this guide

This guide to all aspects of CareHQ uses plain English as much as possible. The only exceptions may be a few industry-specific terms or some named parts of the system.

Many words are always written with a capital letter at the start, such as Care enquiries or Actions. These capitalised words are the specific names of sections, pages or other elements of CareHQ. These names are always written in the guide exactly as they appear on the system to minimise any potential for confusion. A couple of examples:

  • An action in real life might be to answer a phone call or welcome a visitor, while an Action on CareHQ is a written record of a task which should be done when due.
  • A care enquiry in real life is what happens when someone contacts your service, while on CareHQ a Care enquiry is a record of all the details related to the progression and resolution of that real life enquiry.

As above, certain words are also displayed in bold throughout this guide. This is simply to highlight the most important areas or options being described, or to draw attention to a part of CareHQ which you may want to read more about to get a better overall understanding.

To help make further reading easier, bold text often contains a link to the highlighted subject.