Accessing CareHQ

Signing in

You will be provided with an email address (usually your work email address) and password which can be used to access CareHQ.

The CareHQ Sales Cycle Report

The care provider will have been given an appropriate and unique web address (URL) which should be visited using a web browser to access CareHQ in the same way as a website.

The URL will be similar to this - the first part will be unique to the provider:



If you sign in to CareHQ on a computer or other device which only you use, there is no need to sign out. By not signing out, the next time you visit CareHQ you'll be taken directly into the application. If you share a machine with others, ensure you do sign out at the end of a session so that no one else can use your account.

Using 2-factor authentication

It's possible for any or all CareHQ User accounts to be set to use 2-factor authentication, which adds another level of security to the sign-in process by requiring a six-digit code from a separate authentication app to be entered in addition to the User's password.

You can read more about 2-factor authentication in User options.

Forgotten password?

If you should forget your password, simply select the Forgotten password? link from the sign-in page and enter your email address.

An email containing a link will be sent, which will allow you to set a new password.


You should not attempt to guess your password as repeated failed attempts to sign in will lock your User account for 30 minutes before it's possible to retry.