The Calendar provides an overview of all Events which have been recorded on CareHQ for the home or care service Location. The Calendar also allows quick access to further details and options to manage any Event.

Event types are colour coded for easy identification at a glance, and include Service user Assessments, home Visits, Service users arriving or leaving, and other Events such as Service user birthdays.

Using the Calendar

The Calendar defaults to show the current Week, though the entire Month can also be viewed if preferred, by selecting the appropriate button from the top of the page.

The Week view shows more clearly the times when Events are scheduled each day of the current week, while Month gives a broader overview as it displays multiple weeks.

The arrow buttons can be used to move to the previous/next week or month, depending on what Calendar format is currently being viewed.

If viewing a Week, the hours of each day are displayed vertically on the left-hand side of the screen. Also in this view, Events which last an entire day, or which span more than one day, will be displayed at the top of the respective day(s).

To view earlier or later hours of the day, the Calendar can be moved by clicking (or touching) and holding, then dragging up or down.

Event markers

Whether viewing a Week or Month, Events are colour coded by type. The Event types key at the top of the page indicates what type of Event each colour relates to.

Any Event marker can be selected to show a pop-up containing a little more detail, including Event start/end times if set, and options to View or manage the Event such as Update booking, Rearrange or Cancel. If a CareHQ User is associated with the Event (for example a home Visit which they arranged) then their image/initials will also show.

Each Event pop-up potentially includes the following details:

  1. Name of Care seeker or Service user
  2. Date, and time (if set for the Event)
  3. Event management options
  4. The CareHQ User associated with the process the Event relates to.

Name of Care seeker or Service user

Depending on the type of Event, the name displayed will either be a Care seeker (if the Event is an Assessment or home Visit arranged with the Care seeker) or Service user (if the Event relates to the Service user arriving or leaving, or their birthday).

Date and time

All Event pop-ups show the date of the Event, as displayed on the Calendar, whether viewing a Week or full Month.

If the Event takes place at a specific time and this has been set (rather than being all day like a birthday) then the Start time, (and End time if set) will also be displayed.

The main Calendar view only displays the Start time for each Event unless a pop-up has been triggered.

Event management options

Event pop-ups include links to allow CareHQ Users to View further details about whatever the Event relates to.

Depending on the Event type, other options may be available:

  • Assessment: View (visit the Care enquiry), Rearrange, Cancel
  • Home visit: View (visit the Care enquiry), Rearrange, Cancel
  • Service user arriving: View Service user, Update Booking
  • Service user leaving: View Service user, Update Booking
  • Other (Birthday): View (visit the Service user Details page)
  • Other (User-added event): Update, Delete

Adding an Event

An Event of any kind can be added to the Calendar for the home or care service by selecting the Add event button and filling in the Add event form.


Events are added automatically by the system when arranged as part of a process, for example when an Assessment or home Visit has been scheduled while progressing through the stages of a Care enquiry, so there is no need to manually add these types of event.

The Add event form includes the following fields:


Enter an appropriate title for the Event.

Start date

Set the Start date by selecting from the Calendar pop-up. The date field can also be edited manually by typing, for example to quickly change the year.

If the Event is scheduled for a single day, this should simply be the date when the Event will take place.

End date

If the Event will last more than one day, the final day should be selected from the Calendar pop-up.

If the Event will take place on a single day this field can be left empty.

Start time and End time

If the Event will start and end at particular times rather than taking up the whole day, the Start time and End time for the Event can be entered using the time picker.

If an End date has been set for this Event, the End time will apply to that date.

Complete all required fields and select Save to add the new Event.