The Actions page is displayed initially whenever a User signs into CareHQ, as it is first within the Dashboards section.

Individual Actions in CareHQ are reminders of care-related, business, or personal actions/tasks which should be carried out by particular individuals.

An Action can be added for any task and assigned to a User to ensure that it is completed in a timely manner.


An Action can also be added automatically by the system as a reminder of the next step of a process, for example when progressing through the stages of a Care enquiry. These Actions will also be removed automatically when the task has been completed/the next stage has been reached.

Action indicator

When an Action is due, a circle will appear next to Actions on the main menu. The colour of the circle indicates whether the Action is due (blue) or overdue (red).

My actions

The first tabbed page under Actions, My actions displays any Actions which have been assigned to you, and are currently due.

Each Action appears in a card-style format with the following details potentially included:

  1. Action flag(s)
  2. Due date/time
  3. Reminder set indicator
  4. Action options
  5. Description of the task
  6. Person (Care seeker or Service user) the task relates to
  7. Assigned CareHQ User
  8. Action number (automatically created)

Action flags

Actions which have been marked as urgent will show a purple Urgent flag above them. Urgent Actions will be displayed before any others in the list. If more than one Action is flagged as urgent, the ordering will be decided by their due dates/times.

If an Action has become overdue (either the task has not been done, or the Action has not been marked as complete), then a red Overdue flag will show above the Action.

An Action which has been marked as complete will move to the Recently completed tab and show a green Complete flag.

Due date/time

The day and time by which the task should be completed, as set for the Action.

Reminder set indicator

Any Action which has had a reminder set will display the bell icon. Up to two reminders can be set for an Action, which will go out to the assigned User at the chosen time(s).

Action options

Select the Action options icon (top-right of any Action) to Update the details of the Action or Mark as complete.

The Update form provides the same fields/options as when first adding an action.

Any Action which has been marked as complete will move to the Recently completed tab within Actions.


Under the Recently completed tab, the Mark as complete option is replaced with Reopen, allowing any Action to be opened again if necessary. Reopened Actions will return to the My actions tab for the assigned User.

Description of the task

The task - a description of what should be done by the assigned User in order to complete the Action.

Descriptions can be a few words/single sentence or longer if necessary. If the text is longer than the available space on the Action card it can be scrolled to allow the full description to be read.

Person the task relates to

If the Action is related to a particular Care enquiry then the name of the Care seeker who made the enquiry will show on the Action card.

Similarly, if the Action is related to a particular Service user then the name of the Service user will show on the Action card.

In both cases the name will be preceeded by Re. (Regarding).

The name also acts as a link, so you can select the name to go to the related Care enquiry or Service user page.

Assigned CareHQ User

The name of the CareHQ User who has been assigned the task this Action relates to.

Action number

Each Action is automatically assigned a unique number by the system, to allow Actions to be more easily and reliably referred to and discussed between Users.

Each time a new Action is added it will have a number which is one digit higher than the previous Action.

Recently completed

The second of the tabbed pages within Actions. As you might guess, select Recently completed to display any Actions which you have recently completed.

This page allows recent Actions to be reviewed and, if necessary, reopened via the Action options.

Select Search to go to the third tabbed page within Actions, which allows the full Actions list to be searched via a combination of the Search field and Filter options.

This allows a specific Action to be found by searching for a known word from the task description, or a range of Actions from a chosen time period to be displayed, for example.

Search field

A word or words can be entered to display any Actions which include that word or words within the content for the Action task.

If the search results aren’t satisfactory then it may be necessary to also update the Filter options, as search results are a combination of Search and Filter.

Filter options

The Filter button can be selected to open the related options, which can be used on their own or in combination with the Search field to narrow down search results as required.

The following filtering options are available:

  • Status: Outstanding, Overdue, Completed, Any.
  • From: The pop-up calendar can be used to set a date before which no Actions will be included.
  • To: The pop-up calendar can be used to set a date after which no Actions will be included.
  • Assigned to: By starting to enter the name of a User, any matches will be displayed; selecting a name from those presented will ensure the search filter only shows Actions assigned to that User.
  • Location: By starting to enter the name of a care Location, any matches will be displayed; selecting a Location from those presented will ensure the search filter only shows Actions assigned to that Location.

After setting the chosen Filter options, the Update button will perform a new search using the selected options.

The Clear button can be used to reset all Filter options to their default settings.

Adding an action

The Add button can be selected from any Actions page to add a new Action.

The Add action form includes the following fields:


Should be used to describe the required task concisely so that it is clear what needs to be done.

Assigned to

The person (CareHQ User) this Action is intended to be carried out by.

This will default to the name of the currently signed-in User (which should be you!).

If the Action should be assigned to someone other than yourself, the Assigned to name can be deleted and the name of another User entered. Upon starting to type, the system will display any matching names in full so that one of these can be selected, preventing the need to enter the full name manually.

Due date and Due time

Each Action must be assigned a due date/time by which it should be completed. This may be the actual time the Action should be carried out, if it relates to a task that has been planned for a specific moment.

Select the Due date field to reveal a calendar from which the appropriate date can be selected.

The Due time (on the day selected as Due date) should be selected using the time picker.

If the Action is urgent select Yes and the Action card will show a purple Urgent flag, as well as appearing first in the assigned User’s Actions list.


Up to two reminders can be set for an Action.

Reminders can be sent out a chosen number of minutes before the Action’s due date/time, or added for a set time.

To set a reminder, select Minutes before or Set time for Reminder 1.

If Minutes before has been selected, the number of Minutes can then be chosen.

If Set time has been selected, the Time (24hr) can then be selected using the time picker.

The third step of setting either type of reminder, Remind by, allows you to select the way the reminder will be sent. Four methods are available:

  • Email (The default, as all Users have an email address)
  • SMS or WhatsApp (If the User has a mobile number saved in their User profile)
  • Voice (If the User has a mobile/telephone number saved in their User profile)
  • User’s preference (as saved in their User profile under Preferences)

If a second reminder needs to be set, the above steps should be repeated for Reminder 2.

Complete all required fields and select Save to add a new Action.