Check availability

This facility provides a quick way to check the availability of Rooms within a home and find out whether the needs of a potential new Service user can be accomodated.

The options presented in the form relate to the specification, location, and features of rooms recorded in the Rooms listing on CareHQ.


This Room availability search is not intended to allow a new Service user to be allocated a Room directly. New Room Bookings are typically made following a completed Care enquiry process, or Room Bookings/Booking changes can be made by visiting the Room and then selecting Bookings.

Checking room availability

On the Check availability page, the form fields should be updated to reflect the requirements of the Service user before selecting Search.

The Check availability form includes the following fields:

Checking in

Set the Service user Checking in date by selecting from the calendar pop-up.

Checking out (Optional)

If the Service user will be staying for a known period of time, set the Checking out date by selecting from the calendar pop-up.

Suitable for

Select the type of care the Service user requires (which the Room should be suitable for).

Floor preference (Optional)

If the Service user has a floor preference for any reason, this can be selected.

Include rooms reserved with block contracts

Rooms may sometimes be reserved by the NHS with Block contract Bookings covering specific time periods. Tick the box to include Rooms booked this way in the availability search.


Tick the Room Features which the Service user requires, or would prefer to have.

If search results produce few or no suitable Rooms, non-essential or preferred features can be un-ticked and the search repeated. This may produce a greater choice of rooms.

Show rate

Select whether to show the Weekly or Daily payment rate for any rooms listed in the search results.

Room availability search results

After performing a Room availability search, any Rooms which match the entered criteria will be listed below the form.

The following details are listed for each Room in the results:

  • Name/No.
  • Floor: Ground, First, Second, Third, etc.
  • Suitable for: R (Residential), RD (Residential Dementia), N (Nursing) or ND (Nursing Dementia)
  • Features of the Room
  • Weekly rate or Daily rate: Depending on what was selected for Show rate.

Any Room from the results list can be selected to view full details about that Room, and to access other options such as to Update the details of the Room or view the Bookings to check whether there are any set for the future (which could potentially make a Room unsuitable).