Add care enquiry

The Add care enquiry form is the first step in processing a new Care enquiry.

Add care enquiry is available from the Common tasks section of the menu, or the form can also be accessed by selecting the Add button from the Care enquiries listing page under Operations.

The form is kept simple and requires only the essential information to be completed so that it can be filled out quickly and easily while talking to a Care seeker on the telephone or shortly afterwards, or to add the details from another source.


Many of the form fields are optional so that an enquiry can usually be added even if incomplete information is available at first. This isn’t a problem, as a Care enquiry can be updated at any time to add further details.

When the Add care enquiry form is saved, a new Care enquiry is added to the Care enquiries listing, and CareHQ will assist with the progression of the new Care enquiry by suggesting the most likely next step(s), as well as automatically adding Actions for the related User when appropriate.

Adding a new care enquiry

The fields of the Add care enquiry form are generally very straightforward, but there are a few related details worth noting, as described below.

Is the care seeker also the service user?

If Yes is selected then the Care seeker (the person making the enquiry) is also the potential Service user (the person requiring care), enquiring on their own behalf, and so the title and name fields under Care seeker refer to the potential new Service user in this case.

If No is selected then a relative (the Care seeker) is enquiring on behalf of the person requiring care (the Service user), and the form changes accordingly to allow details of both individuals to be recorded separately.

Where is the service user located?

If possible, this is a useful detail to collect at this point of the Care enquiry as it will allow the most appropriate local homes or services to be considered as care providers.

Do you know the service user’s date of birth?

If the potential Service user’s date of birth is not known at this stage then selecting No allows an Estimated age to be entered (which can be updated later), or the field can be left empty.

If the Service user’s date of birth is known and can therefore be entered, this allows an accurate age to be calculated by CareHQ and stored along with the other details for the Service user, if they go on to receive care.

CareHQ also automatically adds all known Service user birthdays to the Calendar, so that they are more easily remembered and arrangements can be made for celebrations!

Has the service user used this location/service before?

If the individual requiring care has used the service previously, then their Service user record can easily be associated with this new enquiry, allowing all known details to be available right away and preventing a duplicate Service user record from being created.

Select Yes and then start to type the Service user’s name or reference number. Any matching records will be displayed as the name or number is entered. Select the correct Service user from the options presented.

Does the service user require respite or short term care?

If Yes is selected in response to this question, a Period of respite required text field will be presented.

Complete this field to record the length of the respite care period the Care seeker requires.

Does the user have dementia?

If Yes is selected in response to this question, two other related questions will be presented:

  • Is the service user prone to wander?
  • Does the service user present challenging behaviour?

The responses to these questions will be recorded as part of the Service user details on CareHQ, to help in the planning of appropriate care for the individual and for future reference.

Postal address

If the Care seeker would like information to be sent to them in the post, enter a Postcode and then select the Find address button. A list of addresses will be displayed for the postcode, from which the correct address can be selected.

Alternatively, select the Enter manually button to enter the address by hand.


Select the Sales channel to record how the Care seeker first got in touch (e.g. email, telephone, etc.).

If you are aware of the Referrer (how the Care seeker found out about your service), also select this from the available options.

It’s important to be as accurate as possible when recording marketing information as this forms the basis of Reports which help to show the most regular sources of new enquiries.


Select to assign the enquiry to the most appropriate User, who will handle the progression of the enquiry.

Save the completed form to store the details on CareHQ as a new Care enquiry within Care enquiries.

After saving, the new Care enquiry record will be opened automatically to display all recorded details about the enquiry and to allow for the next step to be viewed.